Abolish Silicon Valley, for TrashFuture

On July 7, 2018, I recorded an episode of TrashFuture (a left comedy podcast on tech and politics). This episode, which was released July 16, was also titled “Abolish Silicon Valley”, just like the show I did for Novara last month. What can I say; I just really like talking about abolishing Silicon Valley.

You can listen to the episode on whatever podcast app you use, or here in your browser: Abolish Silicon Valley feat. Wendy Liu

A warning for the unwary: this podcast is decidedly a comedy podcast, so if you’re listening because you want to hear about the tech industry and not because you love esoteric Twitter jokes about football coming home, you might want to skip ahead a bit. Some rough topic markers:

Also, here’s a clip of me trying to work out what abolishing Silicon Valley means in the middle of the recording:

For Monday's episode of @trashfuturepod, we hear from @dellsystem about the prospects of organizing tech workers in unions (and sadly out-of-date predictions about whether or not It's Coming Home) https://t.co/yCsA5N9gyJ pic.twitter.com/UJ5GVcPFMV

— libertarianism in 5 words:i need a child submarine (@inthesedeserts) July 16, 2018

If I could do some post-production editing to make that more eloquent, I would explain it like this:

“Abolishing Silicon Valley” doesn’t mean nuking the region. The goal is to restructure society in such a way that the worst excesses of Silicon Valley are no longer possible. And that requires a fundamental transformation of our economy. We have to recognise that the problems we see with Silicon Valley didn’t just come out of nowhere; instead, the tech industry is more like a microcosm that amplifies the existing problems with capitalism. So if we want to change that, we’ll have to challenge the roots of the problem, which really means challenging capitalism.