4AAVC101: Digital Economy and Audiences (at KCL)

These are my notes for 4AAVC101 at King's College London for the 2017-2018 school year. Now, I'm not actually a student at King's, but their security is a lot less strict than LSE's is, so I've just been auditing the lectures (with permission). The lecturer, Nick Srnicek, is the author of two excellent books at the intersection of technology and leftist politics: Inventing the Future (with Alex Williams), and Platform Capitalism.

The usual disclaimer: all notes are my personal impressions and do not necessarily reflect the view of the lecturer. Feel free to email me (ilostwaldo, gmail) with any questions or corrections.

Taught by Dr Nick Srnicek, Lecturer in Digital Economy in the Digital Humanities department at King's.

  1. The Digital Economy (September 26)
  2. Cognitive Capitalism and the Attention Economy (October 03)