I’m Wendy Liu, and I currently live in London, where I speak and write about tech & politics from a socialist perspective.

Before I discovered “the left”, I was a software engineer and startup founder (which I’ve written about for Notes From Below).

This website is meant as a record of things I’ve done. Find me on Twitter (@dellsystem) or email me (gmail: ilostwaldo).


My primary outlets are New Socialist (I co-edit the economics section) and Notes From Below (I’m the web editor). Other bylines include Novara Media, New Internationalist, Logic Magazine and Tribune.

I also just finished a masters degree on inequality at the London School of Economics. I like sharing educational resources, so you can find my personal statement, copious lecture notes, essays and dissertation here.

For a chronological list of nearly everything I’ve ever published, see Writing.


For a chronological list of my past & upcoming speaking appearances (podcasts, talks, panels, etc), see Speaking.

I’m currently not taking on any more speaking requests until the end of 2018.


I’ve been coding for a while now, mostly in the realm of web dev (primarily backend). I no longer do it as a job, but I do manage some websites for UK left projects in my spare time: New Socialist, The World Transformed, Notes From Below. Also see: my GitHub, and a list of coding projects I’ve worked on. I’m not taking on any more projects at this time, sorry!