I’m Wendy Liu, and I currently live in London, where I speak and write about tech & UK politics from a socialist perspective.

Before I discovered “the left”, I was a software engineer and startup founder (which I’ve written about for Notes From Below).

I’m a bit of a data hoarder, and this website is meant as a (probably somewhat narcissistic) public record of things I’ve done & will do. To get in touch, find me on Twitter (@dellsystem - my DMs are open) or email me (gmail: ilostwaldo).


My primary outlets are New Socialist (where I’m an editor for the economics section) and Notes From Below (where I’m the web editor). Other outlets include Novara Media, New Internationalist, Logic Magazine and the LSE Review of Books.

I also recently completed an MSc on inequality at LSE. I’m a big fan of sharing educational resources, so you can find my personal statement, copious lecture notes, all my essays and my dissertation here.

For a chronological list of nearly everything I’ve ever published, see Writing.


Open to speaking requests on topics related to tech & politics (ideally after November, as I’m a bit overloaded right now).

For a chronological list of my past & upcoming speaking appearances (podcasts, talks, panels, etc), see Speaking.


I’ve been coding for a while now, mostly in the realm of web dev (primarily backend). I no longer do it as a job, but I do manage some websites for UK left projects in my spare time: New Socialist, The World Transformed, Notes From Below. Also see: my GitHub, and a list of coding projects I’ve worked on. I’m not taking on any more projects at this time, sorry!