MSc Inequalities and Social Sciences at LSE

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Continuing my tradition of being that one nerd who types up lecture notes for every class, I'm posting notes + essays for the modules I took for my masters degree (or just for personal edification).

The program is the MSc Inequalities and Social Science and it's part of LSE's International Inequalities Institute. You can read my personal statement for it here.

I'm done with classes now, but behind on posting notes. Will get around to it at some point, maybe. I have mixed feelings about the program, to be honest; contact me if you want to know more.

SO497: MSc in Inequalities and Social Science Dissertation (my 10,000 word dissertation)
SO478: Social Scientific Analysis of Inequalities (my program's core module)
MC433: Technology and Justice, taught by Seeta Peña Gangadharan
GV4D4: The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution, taught by Jonathan Hopkin
4AAVC101: Digital Economy and Audiences, taught by Nick Srnicek at King's (audit)
SO427: Modern Social Thought, taught by Nigel Dodd
GV4G7: Marx and Marxism, taught by Lucia Rubinelli (audit)