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I started writing on Medium in 2017 before I realised that writing for an actual publication was infinitely preferable (not least because you get an actual editor, and you sometimes even get paid). Some of these actually made quite a splash—most notably my Paul Graham one, and "What I wish I had known" to a lesser extent—but I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of writing on Medium to instead redirect their attention to actually existing publications.

Stitch Fix is the future of humanity

October 29, 2017. Absolutely ridiculous. Idk why I wrote it

Review: Young Marx at Bridge Theatre

October 19, 2017. A review of opening night

Don't put your faith in Uber

September 22, 2017. A precursor to my gig economy piece.

I can’t read your slides

September 8, 2017. Some solemn advice for people who make terrible slides.

Paul Graham blocked me on Twitter

August 17, 2017. This blew up because apparently he blocks a lot of people on Twitter, lmao

What I wish I had known

June 30, 2017. A precursor to my Silicon Inquiry piece.