GV4D4 - week 4

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These are my notes from October 17 for GV4D4 at the London School of Economics for the 2017-2018 school year. I took this module as part of the one-year Inequalities and Social Science MSc program.

The usual disclaimer: all notes are my personal impressions and do not necessarily reflect the view of the lecturer.

Worlds of Welfare, Varieties of Capitalism


The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism by Gøsta Esping-Andersen (chapters 1-2)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2: decommodification

Varieties of Capitalism by Peter Hall and David Soskice (p1-69)



Started with a group-based activity where each group was given a description of a national economy and was asked to identify the type of economy (based on the readings). Pretty straightforward. The only unusual one was the description of Denmark, which combines a social democratic welfare state with a fairly liberal financial industry; this combination, sometimes called “flex-security”, isn’t really covered in the literature.

The following notes are just things I jotted down during the discussion (pretty scattered).