SO427 - week 4

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These are my notes from January 29 for SO427 at the London School of Economics for the 2017-2018 school year. I took this module as part of the one-year Inequalities and Social Science MSc program.

The usual disclaimer: all notes are my personal impressions and do not necessarily reflect the view of the lecturer.

Benjamin 1


Theological-Political Fragment

Best lines

Therefore the Kingdom of God is not the telos of the historical dynamic: it cannot be set as a goal.

but just as a force can, through acting, increase another that is acting in the opposite direction, so the order of the profane assists, through being profane, the coming of the Messianic Kingdom.

this totally feels accelerationist but maybe that’s just cus i have an accelerationist hammer so everything looks like a nail etc

The Arcades Project (p456-488)

On the theory of knowledge, theory of progress

Theses on the Philosophy of History

from illuminations