SO478 - week 13

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These are my notes from January 16 for SO478 at the London School of Economics for the 2017-2018 school year. I took this module as part of the one-year Inequalities and Social Science MSc program.

The usual disclaimer: all notes are my personal impressions and do not necessarily reflect the view of the lecturer.

Race and media


No notes for this week.

Representing Black Britain by Sarita Malik (chapters 1 & 9)

A book from 2002.

Locating the ‘Radical’ in Shoot the Messenger by Sarita Malik

A paper from 2013.

Diversity pie by Clive James Nwonka

A paper from 2015 by the lecturer.


This was an excellent lecture given by Clive James Nwonka, a researcher with the Inequalities Institute, which connected issues of race representation within the media to larger questions of politics, ideology and capitalism. No seminar this time (the lecture started late)