Agora Octave: Update #10

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Agora Octave: Update #10

I worked primarily on the bundle feature this week. I added a rudimentary versioning system and made some other smaller changes, including fixing the bundle explore page, making bundle descriptions optional and fixing the 404 and 500 error page templates.

This week

The full commit log is available here:

Bundle versioning and editing

You can now upload a new version of a bundle (either as an archive or as a plain text file - commit 177). Files in previous versions of the bundle can be accessed by viewing the bundle at a particular version.

You can also now edit the details (currently only the description and license - the name is not editable as it constitutes part of the URL) of a bundle that you are the creator of.

Additionally, bundle descriptions are now optional (commit 176).

Smaller changes

Next week

More on bundles

Here’s last week’s version, with the completed ones removed:

Here are other things that need to be done:

Housekeeping changes

(Continued from last week, since I didn’t have time to do this for the entire codebase.) Deleting unused code, making use of Django shortcuts and other conveniences when possible, checking concordance with PEP 8, etc.

Position in timeline

(This timeline isn’t really relevant anymore, but I’ll keep including it for reference.)