The fly and the web

May 11, 2019 (168 words) :: Another piece of flash fiction.
Tags: fiction

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He has been buzzing around happily for a while when he unexpectedly flies into the web of capitalism. At first he he doesn’t mind, because it is soft and comfortable and scenic, and he can see some of his comrades perched on the web as well.

After a few pleasant moments, he grows restless and prepares to depart. But the web is sticky, covering his whole body, and he cannot move his wings as quickly as he needs to. Alarmed, he looks around, and sees his comrades struggling to escape as well, some forcefully, some feebly.

Perhaps if they had warned each other, or tried to coordinate their resistance, they would have been able to destroy it together. Alas, it is too late, and he realises that the more he struggles, the deeper his entanglement in this treacherous web.

He does not resist anymore. His motions are listless, and he stares blankly into the sky as his body slowly turns into rent.

With, again, thanks to Toby.

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